ASC Cheerleading

Scottie Cheerleaders 2018 – 2019 Season

Dr. Daisy Bourassa started coaching the Agnes Scott College Cheerleading Squad in Fall 2012. She has coached the squad for 8 consecutive seasons and worked with over 100 students.

Scottie Cheerleading Basic Information 

Scottie Cheerleading has been around for several years but has only recently became a recognized, official student organization. The Cheerleading Squad has previously been an entity of its own kind, fully self funded by the cheerleaders. The cheerleaders work hard to promote Scottie spirit throughout basketball games and across campus. On average the cheerleaders dedicate about 3-6 hours a week to cheerleading. During the busy weeks, cheerleaders may dedicate over 6 hours between practice, games and volunteer/fundraising events.  Scottie Cheerleading is an integral part of the Agnes Scott Community. Scottie Cheerleaders work to inspire Scottie Spirit throughout students, faculty, staff and the community.


Service and Action Award – May 5, 2015

Student Organization Advisor of the Year – May 5, 2015

Nomination for Advisor of the Year
Daisy Bourassa is the cheerleading coach and has been for 3 years. Without her the team would not exist as it does today. I have seen the team under different leadership and can tell the difference Daisy has made on Agnes Scott cheerleading. Daisy puts in countless hours of volunteer work as a cheerleading coach on top of her duties as a GHD and graduate school student. She is present at every practice and game. She supports the cheerleaders in every way possible and works to ensure that the are challenged and disciplined while having a good time. She instills the values of Agnes Scott in the cheerleaders and pushes them to represent Agnes Scott well. She has organized cheerleading clinics for the Decatur community and even volunteered the team to clean up Katie Kerr Road, participate in a children’s haunted house event, work at GT football game concession stands and cheer at a charity basketball game. Daisy is very dedicated to cheerleading, the community and is an awesome coach. Most recently, she fought hard to get cheerleading to become a registered student organization. Until now, she has managed cheerleading under little to no budget made mainly from fundraising. She is definitely a key figure in the continued growth of ASC Cheerleading. She deserves recognition as she has gone unnoticed for so long.
Nomination for Advisor of the Year
Daisy Bourassa is the advisor of the year!! Daisy jump-started everything it took to get the ASC Cheerleaders to become and official organization this year! She commits herself to the organization by attending EVERY practice, orchestrating countless volunteer and community service opportunities for the squad, and by always being a mentor to the team. Without Daisy, the cheerleading team would not be counted as an organization, and it might not even be as rewarding. Daisy attends every single event that she plans for the squad, and she helped launch the team in a new direction this year. We were able to receive new uniforms this year and had more girls apart of the team than we did in previous years. Daisy is an amazing advisor whose efforts, I feel, are not recognized enough. Daisy had dedicated over 3 years and countless hours to the ASC cheerleading organization. For this reason, I think Daisy Bourassa is the Advisor of the Year!

Annual Events

Concession Stand at Georgia Tech Football & Baseball Games
Cheerleaders travel to Bobby Dodd Stadium for Georgia Tech Football games where they work in a concession stand as a fundraising effort. For the 2012-2013 season, we worked two football games and one baseball game. During the 2013-2014 & 2014-2015 seasons we worked the concession stands at one football game per season.

Decatur’s Haunted House & Dance for Children

Every year the City of Decatur holds a haunted house and dance for 4th-5th grade children. Cheerleaders help build and decorate the haunted house in the week leading up to the event. The night of the haunted house, cheerleaders dress up as scary characters to work inside the haunted house, help sell tickets, organize and chaperone the dance, and lead tours through the haunted house. It is a wonderful event. The organizers from the City of Decatur are extremely appreciative of the cheerleaders and provide them pizza and snacks afterward. 

Cheer Clinic for Community Children at Decatur Rec.

Cheerleaders meet with children in Decatur to promote cheerleading and an active lifestyle. We performed a routine, then brake into groups to teach the children different cheers and dances. At the end of the event the children performed the material for their parents.

Cleaning Katie Kerr Road
Every month one of the varsity sports teams from Agnes Scott cleans the roads as part of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee’s community service project. Spring of 2015, 7 cheerleaders and the coach cleaned litter off Katie Kerr Rd. on Saturday morning in February. It was a rewarding experience. 

Picking up litter 2014 – 2015

Cheering at Charity Basketball Game for Brain Injuries
In the Spring of 2015, Scottie Cheerleading was contacted by the Resource Development Director at Side by Side Brain injury Clubhouse. Side by Side is the only nonprofit in Georgia that operates a psychosocial and vocational rehabilitation center for adults with brain injuries. Each spring, they host our basketball and silent auction benefit at Decatur High which raises, on average, $50,000. This March, the Scottie Cheerleaders will be cheering at the event as one of our three volunteer events of the season.

Charity Event 2014 – 2015

Holiday Parties at Coach’s Apartment

Every year the squad attends a holiday party at the Coach’s apartment in Avery Glen around the end of the Fall semester. During this gathering, cheerleaders decorate cookies, participate in a Yankee Swap gift exchange, make tree ornaments, watch movies and enjoy each others company. It is a fantastic way to end the semester on the cheerleading squad.

End of the Season Parties

Every year the squad attends a gathering (sometimes at the Coach’s apartment in Avery Glen and sometimes at off campus locations) around the end of the season to celebrate their accomplishments over the past 6-7 months. During the gathering the squad plays boardgames, eats appetizers and desserts and again truly enjoys each others company.

Cheersport Atlanta Grand Championship

At the end of the 2012-2013 cheerleading season, 8 Scottie Cheerleaders and the coach attended the Cheersport Atlanta Grand Championship competition at the Georgia World Congress Center. Teams from all over the country performed. It was a fun and inspirational event for the cheerleaders and coach to attend together.!

Georgia College Cheerleading Showcase at Georgia Tech

At the end of the 2014-2015 cheerleading season, 5 Scottie Cheerleaders and the coach attended the Georgia College Cheerleading Showcase at Georgia Tech. Teams from all over the state performed. Afterwards, there was a college fair for high school students who were interested in cheerleading in college. It was a fun and inspirational event for the cheerleaders and coach to attend together.